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Location:   Waco, Texas

Owner:   Baylor University

Architect:   RBDR Architects, PLLC

Year Completed:  2012

The Mayborn Museum has been transporting historic buildings to Baylor Campus for years creating a historic village. The addition of the new stadium and land bridge required all of these buildings to be relocated.  In addition to the relocation of existing buildings, three new facilities were created that are dispersed within the village.  The Planter and Carriage houses serve as office / work buildings and the pavilion is a large steel shade structure for outdoor gatherings.  the design and location of each new building was key towards the integration of the se structures within the village.  The job required precise coordination to keep a clean and organized site while keeping as much of the "village" open to the public as possible.  Great care was also taken to supervise all work on site to preserve the historic buildings and landscaping.


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