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Location:   Waco, Texas

Owner:   Brazos River Authority

Architect:   Wallace Group

Year Completed:  2013

Brazos River Authority Facility in Waco, Texas underwent major exterior and interior renovations to the entire building. This work was done while the building remained fully staffed and operational. The initial scope of work involved the following: removal and replacement of interior construction and finishes, decontamination of the entire air handling system, and installation of a Dedicated Outside Air System to pressurize the building. Due to the environmental and health-related risks associated with mold remediation, the tasks were performed under full containment. As the Central Office facility houses all key organizational responsibility of the project and successfully orchestrated a timely remediation; during which time, portions of the building remained occupied by BRA staff while construction activities were being accomplished (all in an environmentally safe manner, in compliance with state and federal regulations).


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