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Location:   Waco, Texas

Owner:   McLennan County

Architect:   Populous

Year Completed:  2021

The McLennan County Venue Project Expo Hall is a 84,070 square foot state-of-the-art building that is currently under construction. The building consists of a 51,536 square foot Expo Hall, which has the ability to be broken down in to as many as six individual areas. It can be utilized to host community events, sports tournaments, trade shows, large banquets, or other events  ranging in size from 100 to 3,500 people. The Expo Center also has a flexible large meeting room / event room that can be tailored to a specific event or host a meeting for groups from 20 to 75 people. Expo Center will also have a large outdoor “front porch” patio / gathering area (3,789 SF) that can accommodate up to 530 people and can be used as a stand-alone venue or as additional space during large events. The facility is to have a complete cooking kitchen, a prep kitchen, and a unique food platform in the main concourse designed to meet the needs of the myriad of events that can be held in Expo Center.



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